Banggood Is Ready to Join the Mid-Year Sale Battle


The arrival of June announces the end of the First half of 2018 and also witness the beginning of the second half of 2018. And it is also the important time when all of the online shopping sites hold the mid-year sale. Earlier in May, all of them had been trying to improve themselves and seek the most powerful sale strategies in order to seize the market share of mid-year sale to succeed in this sale battle.  

Banggood, one of the greatest e-commerce retailers in China is preparing to compete with rival online shopping sites. Established in 2009, it has been working hard to polish itself in customer service, product quality, and logistics in the past nine years. Till now, it has become one of the most favorite online shopping sites of people in the world. Since Banggood has been successful in holding this kind of big sales, it will never disappoint its customers. According to its CEO, Zhou Le, a variety of good offers will be unleashed in this mid-year sale to appreciate its esteemed customers. Moreover, the hardware, software, user interface and customer service have been upgraded to welcome the coming of this big sale.


Officially, Banggood’ s mid-year sale will start on June 27th and last till June 29th. But actually, it has begun on June 12th as the part of the warming up to official sale deal. During the sale, coupons for getting 80% off, snap-ups, free gifts and other promotional deals are available for you to save money. Additionally, extra big discounts such as exclusive new user $639 coupon package and anniversary gifts are offered to its registered member and new members.  Considerately, it also prepares country-specific deals and promotions for Spain, Russia, Portugal, India, and Italy to provide you with the most satisfying service.


Banggood prepares for its customers all kinds of sales on which its staff spends great efforts every year. With the goal of providing the best shopping environment for you, it promises that the product quality, customer service, the user interface will be improved to give you the most satisfying service. So in the future, Banggood’s sales including the Mid-year sale will be growing better and better, which means that more discounts will be available for you. So join this sale and enjoy online shopping.



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