Banggood 13th Anniversary Celebration Continues With Crazy Discounts


To celebrate its 13th anniversary,Banggood is launching a massive promotion called Banggood 13th Anniversary Sale. The promotion will run from August 27th to September 18th. Compared with previous anniversary sales, the Banggood 13th Anniversary happens in a higher form due to the comprehensive upgrades to the Banggood service as well as its partner brands and the discounts they offer.

Banggood 13th Anniversary

First, at the beginning of the Anniversary, you were surprised by a big interaction game called “Team & Win: To Share $10000 Bonuses and Win Free Gifts ”. This has attracted a lot of people to join the game and by the end of the game, more than 200000 people have joined in to successfully form more than 80000 teams to share $10000 bonuses. And finally, the team which composed of 6244 people successfully took the first place to win $5000 bonuses; the team formed by 5861 people ranked second to win 3000 bonuses and 1000 bonuses were taken by the team, consisting of 3376, came third place. And the fourth team of 2920 people and the fifth team of 2920 won $600 bonuses and $400 bonuses respectively.

From the beginning of the blowout sale to the present, a great number of people have joined this big event to grab the biggest discounts. So far, it has brought an unprecedented high sale volume to Banggood. More than 160000 orders are brought, which added up a total of $8000000 in sales.

Now, the blowout sale is coming to the end but the crazy discounts never end. Here comes good news that the encore sale will come after the blowout sale with plenty of discounts and coupons, which is aimed to make you benefit more at the end of the sale. Now let me show you what you should get in the final offer of the anniversary sale.

First of all, the top 10 sellers shopping list is what you should not miss. The top sellers are the items from Banggood partner brands including Xiaomi, Blitzwolf, Eachine. In the encore sale, they will be offered at great discounted prices. Now, let me show them to you.

MAMBA F405 MK2 Betaflight Flight Controller-Top 10

The flight controller comes with high quality and great design which makes it a good choice for those who want to buy a flight controller. In this list it ranks the tenth. In the sale, it will be available to you for only $149.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots TWS Bluetooth Earbuds-Top 9

The Redmi Airdots Earbuds comes the ninth because of the best cost performance. It comes with good sound quality and ergonomic design, which can be comparable to Apple’s airdots. If you are finding Bluetooth earbuds affordable for you, do not miss it because it will be available for only at $17.97.

SURKER Rechargeable Hair Clipper-Top 8

This hair clipper that comes with professional-grade stainless steel blades and low noise design to provide you with the smoothest, cleanest and safest cut. This distinguishes itself from numerous clippers in the market. And that is also the reason why it was included in the list and successfully ranks eighth. Given a high discount rate of only $41.99 in the encore sale.

Geekcreit® UNO R3 ATmega328P Development Board-Top 7

The development board comes with a high-speed microprocessor controller (ATMEGA328), development interface and environment, which make it easy for beginners to understand and use it. Such a development board is special for beginners and has becomes seventh on the list. Available at $2.99 in the Sale.

Blitzwolf® BW-OLT1 LED Solar Light-Top 6 

The LED Solar Light has an upgraded four side light output that is well combined with 62 LED bulbs, which provides you with the increased horizontal and vertical light coverage. Such a great solar light ranks the sixth on the list. In the sale, you can buy it for $11.96.

H96 MAX RK3318 TV Box-Top 5

This TV box was included on the list because it has been undergoing great popularity among people due to its best cost performance since its release. And it was successfully sorted into the top five of the list. Now in the ending sale of the anniversary celebration, it will be available for you only for only $34.49. So if you want a TV BOX of the best cost performance, please do not miss it.

BlitzWolf® BW-HL1 smartwatch-Top 4

This smartwatch, comes with multi-sports modes and is a professional device for people who enjoy doing sports. Such a wonderful smartwatch was only priced at $25.99. This makes it easily rank the fourth in the list. To our surprise, it will be offered at only $19.99 in the encore sale.

Xiaomi Mi9T Mi 9T Global Version-Top 3

This smartphone comes with 48MP AI rear triple camera and 20MP pop-up selfie camera which can allow you to have the best extraordinary photography. Therefore, it easily takes third place in the top 10 sellers list. Given at a great discount, you can buy it at only $273.99

3019 3 Axis Mini DIY CNC Engraving Machine -Top 2

3019 3 Axis Mini DIY CNC Engraving Machine came the second with the larger working area that can meet most amateur DIY needs and 2020 aluminum profile that promises firm construction and reliable operation. In the encore sale, it will be available at $149.

Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE RC drone-Top 1

Xiaomi RC drone took the first place of the top 10 sellers list with its good performance in every aspect. It not only comes with a 4k camera and professional image processors that can allow you to capture the moments in high quality while it is also given a higher aerodynamic efficiency which greatly extends the time to stay in the air. In the encore sale, it has decreased by $175 so the product will only be available for $424.

Apart from the upgrading discounts of the top 10 sellers, there are many more product deals offered by Banggood partner brands to provide people with more benefits. Surprisingly, all of them will be available for you at less than $9,9, $19.9 or $39.9. For instance,

XANES MI3 Smart Band is a wonderful device for sports enthusiasts because it can not only accurately monitor your heart rate, movement, and blood pressure when you are doing sports but also comes with IP68 waterproof protection. Such a nice smart bracelet will be available for you only at $8.9.

Blitzwolf® BW-SDB0 that comes in elegant appearance which is very suitable for modern decor style. With the enhanced bass and 52 loudspeakers, it promises you the best sound quality. It will be sold at $19.9 during the period of the encore sale, so there is no better time.

Coming in heavy bass guide tube design, A100 Wireless Bluetooth Heavy Bass Big Speaker can support 3 loudspeakers which can provide you with good sound quality. If you are looking for a speaker, you should not miss it because it will be sold for only $38.99 during the sale.

Do you want to save more while buying the products from brands? If you do, the brand outlets must be the part of the sale you should that you focus more on. Here you can buy more high-quality products from the top Banggood partner brands like Xiaomi. Blitzwolf, Bakeey and Wltoys with little money. For example, Wltoys A979 RC Car that comes with great features can provide you with the best playing experience. Now if you buy 2pcs, you can get 8% off. And Xiaomi Konggu automatic umbrella that comes in high strength impact cloth material is featured with strong windproof, waterproof and sunscreen. In the encore sale, you can get 25% off if you buy 2pcs. The more you buy, the more you can save. And there are many other hot sellers such as Bakeey G23 Smartwatch, BlitzWolf BW-BS3 tripod, PCA9685 PWM Motor Driver I2C Module and so on. You can save more by buying more of them. To know more about them, please check here.

During the blowout sale, the category sales has provided people with plenty of great discounts, which they benefit a lot from. And it also brought a high sale volume to Banggood. To continue upgrading the discounting rate, we will offer many other discounts including big coupons, 100% off, $0.01Snap up, Flash Deals, gifts and so on, Still want more discounts? Please pay more attention to the Banggood category deals.


The encore sale will release the last of the big discounts for the anniversary sale. And they will be just as enticing as the blowout sale, so don’t miss out. It is worth to notice that all of the top 10 sellers will be available in the sale. It will be a good chance for you to shop for what you want with just pennies. For a detailed understanding of the discounts, please visit the Banggood site now.

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