Awesome Broadlink RM2 Pro: Make Everything Simple


You have already known the basic functions of the Broadlink RM2 Pro, and this smart item rather appeals to you. However, you feel that it’s a little bit hasty to take it home immediately, and you want to know how to use it smartly.

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Open Your Air Conditioner in Advance
When it’s quite hot in the summer, it’s really frustrated to find out that you have to wait for the room become cool. You are totally soaked, but you just turn on the air conditioner for a few minutes. After the installation and the connection, now you are able to open the air conditioner while you are still on the road. When you get home, you just have to enjoy the cool.

Broadlink RM2 Remote Control

Throw Away All Your Remote Controls
The Broadlink RM2 remote control could be any kind of remote control that you are going to need in your house, and now you could use your cellphone to turn on the television and enjoy the movies or teleplays with your family. Now you could just put all the remote controls away and place the Broadlink in your living room.

Broadlink RM2 Remote Control

Open the Garage Door for Me, Please
It has obsessed me that I have to ask someone to open the garage door or open it on my own every time I arrive home. It’s the inconvenience that most of the people would come across. Now you can open the garage as you are nearly get home.

Broadlink RM2 Remote Control

To Water Your Plants Automatically
You are going to have a long trip, so you have got no time to take care of your plants in the garden for couple days. Don’t worry about that, and the Broadlink could help you out of this situation. You could turn on the irrigation through the app on your cellphone.

Broadlink RM2 Remote Control

It’s really practical and smart for your home, and why are you still hesitating?

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Hi Vicky,

I stumbled upon your post. Would you mind telling me how did you pair the garage door with the RM pro?