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16 Feb 2022

Loskii LK-PS43 Portable Outdoor Power Station

Loskii LK-PS43 Portable Outdoor Power Station Battery Generator 1500W 1497.6WH is a perfect outdoor power supply station that will come in handy for your camping, road trips and barbeque experiences.  Let us take a closer look at
29 Jan 2022

Comparsion Review: SONOFF BASICR2 Vs BASICR3

One of the renowned brands that make low-cost WI-FI switches is the Sonoff.  These switches are used to control mains-powered devices like lights, pumps, heaters, etc. They contain an ESP8266 Wi-Fi Chip plus additional circuitry and are
29 Jan 2022

BlitzWolf® BW-TAP1 Air Purifier vs BlitzHome BH-AP1C Smart Air Purifier

The Xiaomi purifier scored as one of the worst purifiers I’ve ever reviewed. On average, it removed only about 60% of 0.5-micron particles over the last 4 hours of the test. And oddly enough, the auto mode
25 Jan 2022

XIAOMI Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 Review

The XIAOMI Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 inherits the minimalist design style of the Xiaomi Mijia 2 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner. It dusts and deep cleans at the same time thus reducing energy consumption and time
1 Jan 2022

ELEGIANT EGH-AF400 Digital Air Fryer Review

Lately, air fryers have become a must-have in our homes and establishments. They are safe to use therefore reducing chances of burns and fires even for children who are learning to cook. There is a lot we
29 Nov 2021

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom 2021

Let’s start by agreeing on one thing – that mothers aren’t easy to shop for! So, when shopping for a gift for her, you must find something that’s useful, exciting, and basically something that she wouldn’t typically
29 Nov 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

Let’s start by saying that shopping for gifts for your kids can for sure be an entertaining and interesting experience, given the various options you choose from. The variety is staggering, and this is why you need
25 Nov 2021

Christmas Home Decoration Ideas for 2021

Christmas is coming! It is the time of the year that inspires feelings of hope, happiness in all households. But it doesn’t just happen, there are a few things you have to do here and there, throughout
24 Nov 2021

Dreame V11 VS Xiaomi G10: Which is better?

Cleaning has been made easier with technology. Gone are the days we used brooms and rage. With the growing economy, vacuum cleaners have become a must-have in our homes. They make dusting, and deep cleaning very easy.