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19 Jun 2021

$175 for Xiaomi Dreame V9 at Banggood Summer Prime Sale

The Xiaomi Dreame V9is a very amazing cordless vacuum cleaner that looks minimally attractive, which gives powerful suction power with a long-lasting battery. The vacuum cleaner has enough tools to clean any part of most surfaces while
30 May 2021

XianLi Food Vacuum Sealer Machine Review

The Xianli food vacuum sealer comes with a bag of great options at this point, though, it is a unit with some questionable choices of design. Are you looking for a budget workhorse? The Xianli food vacuum
17 May 2021

Xiaovv XVV-T2 smart tracking phone holder review

Phone holders are a must-have in this era and it’s about time we put technology to good use while saying goodbye to photography problems. Today, you will be introduced to the world of auto-tracking camera mounts that
2 May 2021

What is the Best Robot Vacuum

These day’s homes have become gyms, classrooms, and offices so they have to be neat and clean for comfortability. If your goal is to clean the house, you have to start with the floor. In the modern-day,
19 Mar 2021

The Best LED Projectors You Should Buy on Banggood Spring Sale

If you’re looking for a budget business projector that doesn’t come with a massive price tag, you can’t go wrong with the BW-VP8 from Blitzwolf. They boast of the best portable projectors, the best business monitors, the
6 Feb 2021

The Best TV Box; Beelink GT King Pro

Being the first TV box to run on Amologic’s most powerful S922X processor, the Beelink GT-King Pro has attracted a lot of attention, both positive and negative in equal measure. The beefy chipset may have boosted its
28 Jan 2021

Aqara Smart Home System: Control Everything for Much Less

The Aqara Smart Home System isn’t the main invention to attempt to make smart home incorporation easier. However, it might be the first that does so and is affordable. With Aqara you call the shots as it is custom
10 Jan 2021

Best Foldable Washing Machines

You don’t have to get stressed about looking for a large space for your washing machine. This portable washing machine cuts down your energy and time that you spend on dirty clothes. The portable washers are both
28 Dec 2020

 Benefits of having a DT-NS01 Bedside Cabinet.

The bedroom has become not only a place where you sleep in; it’s by far a comfort zone for many people. Therefore, besides the bed, having an all-purpose bedside table is a must. Whether small or large,