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12 Mar 2020

How can I grow blue roses

Blue roses are a species of flower that are a human creation, given that this pigment does not exist in nature. They are amazingly beautiful and have become more popular over time. Now, by growing these flowers
10 Mar 2020

Where to buy magnetic balls

Magnetic balls were manufactured for educational purposes, as an artistic medium and stress relief products. I mean, there is nothing that is more exhilarating that being able to make whatever you want with some beads. If you
9 Mar 2020

How to make a magnetic levitation plant

Levitation planter are pretty costly, and so, making your own planter becomes the best alternative. I know many people see it as a super complicated process, but am here to tell that it is not. In fact
7 Mar 2020

Where can I buy a cigarette case?

If you are here, it could only mean one thing; that you love smoking and you are wondering where you could get a case to put your cigars in. But, before I explain to you where you
7 Mar 2020

Where to buy a mouth mask

From the unfortunate outbreak of the novel coronavirus that has been in the headlines for over two months now, and has been scaring everyone on the planet the hell out, then you definitely have come across the
21 Feb 2020

Where to buy industrial pipe

First, let’s find out what industrial pipes really are. So, industrial pipe is a broad category of fluid and transport hardware which is used in many industries and applications. Usually rigid tube, pipe and cylindrical is used
20 Feb 2020

Where can you buy Duayen spray?

So, let me be honest with you here, I know that science was pretty boring in school, but the thing is, if your teacher never showed you the real fun side to science, then I can confidently