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6 Feb 2021

The Best TV Box; Beelink GT King Pro

Being the first TV box to run on Amologic’s most powerful S922X processor, the Beelink GT-King Pro has attracted a lot of attention, both positive and negative in equal measure. The beefy chipset may have boosted its
28 Jan 2021

Aqara Smart Home System: Control Everything for Much Less

The Aqara Smart Home System isn’t the main invention to attempt to make smart home incorporation easier. However, it might be the first that does so and is affordable. With Aqara you call the shots as it is custom
10 Jan 2021

Best Foldable Washing Machines

You don’t have to get stressed about looking for a large space for your washing machine. This portable washing machine cuts down your energy and time that you spend on dirty clothes. The portable washers are both
28 Dec 2020

 Benefits of having a DT-NS01 Bedside Cabinet.

The bedroom has become not only a place where you sleep in; it’s by far a comfort zone for many people. Therefore, besides the bed, having an all-purpose bedside table is a must. Whether small or large,
27 Dec 2020

The Dreame f9 vacuum cleaner: Why you Need to Buy it

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, we know it; we have the best of the best in the new Xiaomi Dreame F9 Robot Cleaner, the most powerful model you’ll find in the market right now. With one
6 Dec 2020

The Right Way to Use BW-AP2 Air Purifier for Optimum Performance

The Right Way to Use BW-AP2 Air Purifier for Optimum Performance At home, ventilation can do a decent job of keeping indoor air pollution-free. But there is indoor pollution like cigarette smoke that needs to be gotten
24 Nov 2020

BlitzWolf BW-AP1 Smart Air Purifier Full Review

This is a beautiful super-cheap smart air cleaning application with control. It is recommended for a maximum area of 25m so that is can keep the air in a living room or large room clean. The air
9 Nov 2020

BlitzWolf B-VC3 Review 2-in-1 smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are not only very popular among homeowners but due to the performance given by the BlitzWolf BW-VC3 vacuum cleaner has gained some popularity. Apart from using it like a vacuum cleaner, it also washes
30 Oct 2020

What you need to know about XMUND XM-CG1 22 Inch Steel Fire Pits 

It is clear that an outdoor house party or a long-distance camping trip cannot be fully enjoyed without an outdoor fire pit. When you are planning to buy one, ensure that you keep the following things in