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17 Jun 2020

How to use a coffee maker

Nothing beats a long busy day like a nice cup of coffee. For one reason or another, coffee is one the most popular and addictive beverage in the world and that’s why you find long queues in
23 May 2020

How to plant rainbow eucalyptus seeds

Basically, rainbow eucalyptus is an evergreen tree that hails from the Island of Mindanao in Philippine. This tree has become quite popular due to its ever-changing, multicolored bark. If it is grown under the ideal location –
21 May 2020

Where can I buy a cipher drinking glass?

Tell me something, have you ever gone to a party only to find that the glasses being used are all similar, to the point where you even don’t know which glass was yours? Am telling you, this
1 May 2020

Gigi Hadid Pregnancy with Zayn Malik’s Child

A pregnant Gigi Hadid and her on-again off-again lover Zayn Malik are expecting a child together, and it is a girl. These news came after a report emerged that Gigi is 20 weeks into her pregnancy. There
1 May 2020

Why not learn baking during the pregnancy?

So guys, the world’s super model Gigi Hadid and her on-and-off boyfriend Zany Malik has featured on the tabloids for years, and this time, it is because they are expecting their first child together. According to a
23 Apr 2020

Where to Buy Banh Pia Chay

Cakes and pastries have been around for many centuries. The ingredients in cakes vary from one cake to other depending on the owner’s taste and desires. Some other cakes are designed for specific group of people like
16 Apr 2020

Should You Wear a Face Mask during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

“Protection is better than cure”, that’s a common idiom we all know and use all the time. Each and every person is feeling the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another, and how just
9 Apr 2020

Miraculous insecticide chalk, where to buy

Also known as ant chalk or the Chinese chalk, ‘miraculous insecticide chalk’ is an insecticide that comes in form of the normal chalk. The insecticide contains cypermethrin and deltamethrin pesticides. This insecticide is very effective. It kills
12 Mar 2020

How can I grow blue roses

Blue roses are a species of flower that are a human creation, given that this pigment does not exist in nature. They are amazingly beautiful and have become more popular over time. Now, by growing these flowers