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24 Nov 2020

BlitzWolf BW-AP1 Smart Air Purifier Full Review

This is a beautiful super-cheap smart air cleaning application with control. It is recommended for a maximum area of 25m so that is can keep the air in a living room or large room clean. The air
9 Nov 2020

BlitzWolf B-VC3 Review 2-in-1 smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are not only very popular among homeowners but due to the performance given by the BlitzWolf BW-VC3 vacuum cleaner has gained some popularity. Apart from using it like a vacuum cleaner, it also washes
30 Oct 2020

What you need to know about XMUND XM-CG1 22 Inch Steel Fire Pits 

It is clear that an outdoor house party or a long-distance camping trip cannot be fully enjoyed without an outdoor fire pit. When you are planning to buy one, ensure that you keep the following things in
29 Oct 2020

Best Bookshelf Nightstands of 2020

Here are some of the best bookshelf nightstands in the market today; Best overall: Grain wood furniture Montauk Two-Drawer Solid wood Nightstand Having a measurement of roughly 2 x 2 feet, this mid-table is made from scoring
19 Oct 2020

What is a Bookshelf Nightstand and why do you Need One?

Some bedrooms have some sort of nightstands next to the beds. The nightstand creates spaces for a phone charger, lighting, and any other knick-knacks around. Finding an important piece of bedroom furniture is very hard. So many
13 Sep 2020

The Newest Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot Vacuum Released

The new Xiaomi Mijia 1S was launched to the market in May 2020. Xiaomi electronics are usually compared with top ranking products from popular brands.  One thing Xiaomi products offer generally is the high quality at an
5 Aug 2020

The Best Robot Vacuums

If you are shopping for a robot vacuum cleaner, it’s because you are in real need of it. The robot vacuum cleaner helps to lighten your chore load, drowning in dos hair or when you want to
17 Jul 2020

Xiaomi IMILAB Home Camera Full Review

To begin with, the IMILAB smart camera for homes is a smart surveillance security monitor that has an exceptional video quality as well as a fantastic functionality. Considering its price and effectiveness, no wonder it is deservedly
17 Jun 2020

How to use a coffee maker

Nothing beats a long busy day like a nice cup of coffee. For one reason or another, coffee is one the most popular and addictive beverage in the world and that’s why you find long queues in