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12 Nov 2014

Delicate Fondant Cakes

As we all know, cakes are mainly divided into butter cake and fondant cake. In general, fondant cake is more suitable to appear in the wedding and anniversaries because it can be stored for longer than butter
11 Nov 2014

Settling in fall and Winter Month

For me “settling in”to fall and winter months means paying close attention to the mood outside, so I can adjust my mood upward if necessary to fully embrace the beauty of what the day offers inside, in
11 Nov 2014

Customary of Muslim

Ramadan is a month of blessings and prayers. In this month, Muslims from all around the world fast in the daytime. All kinds of food and drinks are forbidden from dawn to dusk, or daytime. It is
7 Nov 2014

DIY Delicate Cream Cheese in Spare Time

At present obesity tend to be more and more universal among all occupations of people. When it comes to the topic of losing weight, lots of people will get excited, especially young ladies. It seems that in
7 Nov 2014

Beautiful Life Beginning with DIY

Maybe everyone has a dream to be a scientist or a painter like Newton or Vincent van Gogh because they all have made great contributions to people of the whole world. However there are few people who
5 Nov 2014

The Invention of Balloons

In all festivals and important moments, almost all people ranging from the old to the kids feel like flying the balloons into the sky. Sometimes we could see the balloons and pigeons rising up in the public
4 Nov 2014

Santa Claus and His Presents

The forthcoming December will be the month of sending presents to each other. It doomed to be a bustling month in family life for kids and markets for businessman because of the Christmas. Although Christmas customs has
1 Nov 2014

The Influence of Halloween

It is widely known that today is the real Halloween day in western countries. But Chinese people celebrate it yesterday because of time difference. Indeed Halloween is set in the last day of October every year. It
30 Oct 2014

Holiday Pleasure of the autumn

With daytime dying away earlier and earlier, we know that the autumn has gone a long way on the earth. When wind blows away the haze, it is a good time to plan a trip to get