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21 Jan 2015

Nice Journey with Scratch World Map

When I was still studied at school, I got a poor score at geography lesson because it is too difficult to remember those abstract things. My parents bought me a globe and took me to travel usually
20 Jan 2015

Save Water First to Protect the Earth

All around the world, there are more than 100 countries are lack of water and 1.5 billion people are lack of fresh water 26 countries of them with about 300 million people have serious water shortage. It
19 Jan 2015

Methods for Cleaning Mats

Carpet has become one of the choices for people to beautify their home. Wool, carpet, chenille absorbent mat are dazzling. But after using for a long time or smudge the mat, how can you clean it except
16 Jan 2015

Practical Methods for House Cleaning

Many people have begun to clean the house and decorate modern home decor to welcome the New Year. But there are many problems when we clean the dust in the corner, soot on the kitchen walls and
15 Jan 2015

Tips for a Seaside Resort

The sea is a treasure trove of beauty. You can be exhilarating and produce numerous ideas when you face to the ocean. You can take your baby to the sea in summer and it is good for
14 Jan 2015

Eliminate Mold and Mites for Healthy Life

Healthy home means not only fresh air, we also need to pay attention to many things in the environment of daily life such as refrigerators, toilets, cloth sofa, air conditioning, modern home decor and so on. Whether
13 Jan 2015

Stay Comfortable in Damp Weather

Are you still worried about the damp weather, clothes mildew and wet warehouse? Also you’ll be in trouble because of the floor of the house walls are moist and mold. You will find that is uncomfortable to
12 Jan 2015

Tips for a New Home Decoration

Do you feel tired with you old home decor and hope to change into new fashion with less money? Here I would like to share you some tips for a new home. Do you always feel uncomfortable
10 Jan 2015

How to Keep Your Wardrobe Perfect

We have too many clothes through the year but how can we keep the wardrobe, drawers, storage boxes and hanging racks just like shown in the pictures in the interior design magazines which are clear, methodical and