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22 Aug 2014

Enjoy The Barbecue Time

Barbecue is a worldwide leisure activity. Its history can date back from long time ago when our ancestors had tried a grilled pig which occasionally had been burnt in a forest fire at the first time and
21 Aug 2014

Make Your Home Shine Through Details

Home is forever a sea bay of one’s heart. Having a well-furnished, well-equipped and well-designed home may be the dream of everyone. Home decorating is a crucial step to make your dream come true. Even the smallest
20 Aug 2014

Tips For Keeping Kitchen Clean

Everybody must have wondered owning a neat clean beautiful kitchen. But in practice, it is not easy to achieve this goal with all kinds of kitchen leftovers and greasy smoke. Enjoying a delicious nutritious breakfast in a
19 Aug 2014

You Can Own a Neat and Nice Bathroom Too!

No matter in modern, vantage or traditional style, owning a neat, clean, comfortable and well-equipped bathroom is every family’s dream. What are the features that a qualified bathroom is supposed to have? Firstly, the layout of bathroom