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11 Nov 2014

Elegant Champagne Roses

There are over 100 species and thousands of cultivars roses in the world. They form a group of plants that can be erect shrubs, climbing or trailing with stems that are often armed with sharp prickles. However,
10 Nov 2014

To Embrace the Upcoming Big Festival

Christmas is the biggest carnival of the year, not just because we will have the awesome days for break but also the atmosphere of cheering and blessing will surround us to keep us in good mood. We
7 Nov 2014

Garden Flower Plant: Myosotis Sylyatica

Recently, I kind of like flowers. However, it is not weird at all, as I am a garden hobbier and also a lady, this is normal. So, today I’d love to introduce a kind of pretty flower
6 Nov 2014

Ornament Vivid Plant: Ball Cactus

Have you gotten any ornament plants to keep life vivid? To avoid a boring life, you could try to cultivate ornament plants. As for me, I am kind of like ball cactus, not only because it is
5 Nov 2014

Smart ORVIBO Allone for Home

We can not doubt that as cell phone is becoming smarter and smarter, many things are invented just in order to follow up this smart cell phone generation. ORVIBO Allone WiWo-R1 WiFi Smart Home Phone Remote Controller
4 Nov 2014

Garden Plant: Mixed Colors Russell Lupinus

There are various species of flowers all over the world, so it is not easy for us to pick up one kind of flower to grow in garden. If you want your garden to be more colorful,
3 Nov 2014

Simple Ways to Decorate Christmas Home

As Halloween has passed last week, we may wonder which will be the next big holiday. I come up with a biggest one – The Christmas is coming soon. Even though it is just November, to have
31 Oct 2014

New Style Plant: Mini DIY Pet Plant

DIY is very popular all over the world. Do you DIY today? Actually, the reason why so many people like DIY things is not only because they can make their things unique, but also, the DIY process
30 Oct 2014

Bedroom Night Light

Imagination is the fantasy ability that only human has. We use our imagination to achieve our dream. Maybe sometimes, we feel infinitely small within the scheme of things, but the imagination still pushed us to develop our