Audew Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review


Cleaning with a broom is not very efficient since many areas in the home cannot be reached. So many people are using vacuum cleaners for their homes and offices. However, most of the vacuum cleaners have a power cord, so it is difficult to move the vacuum cleaner to places which are some distance away from the power source. Hence many people are interested in purchasing a portable vacuum cleaner, which uses a battery for power, and does not require a cable connection always. One of the more affordable portable cleaners is the AUDEW Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, which is designed for cleaning wet and dry surfaces.


The vacuum cleaner is supplied in a storage box. The main body of the cleaner is black in color, though the control panel section with buttons is red in color, the front section with dust cup is made from translucent plastic. The washable HEPA filter is visible through the transparent dust cup. The vacuum is also supplied with various parts like the hose connector, brush nozzle, crevice nozzle, soft long tube, and adapter. It has a weight of 1.91 pounds, length of 13.58 inches and width of 4.7 inches. A charger for the vacuum cleaner and user manual are also supplied.


The lightweight vacuum can be used for cleaning up dust, human and pet hair, water, food leftovers, pollen, cigarette ash, and other spills since it has strong suction. In addition to the floor, other surfaces like sofas, carpets can also be cleaned. It is ergonomically designed so that the user can clean for a longer period without feeling tired. The high-quality Lithium battery used is rated at 2200 mAh, and can be used for cleaning for up to thirty minutes. The battery is quickly charged in three to five hours. The dust accumulated can be easily removed by pressing a button. The gadget is designed for low noise functioning with an air vent and insulating sponge, with noise levels of less than 80 dB. A one year warranty is offered on the product.



– cordless vacuum, so no power cord connection while cleaning

– suitable for cleaning dust, hair, spills and other dirt

– cleans all kinds of surfaces including carpets

– does not make a loud noise, disturbing sleeping children and others

– can clean for up to thirty minutes on a single charge, since it has a premium battery

– strong suction can remove dirt from areas which are hidden

– indicator to show charging status of the battery


– Hepa filter has to be cleaned regularly for optimal performance


Hence the Audew portable vacuum is well designed, affordable and easier to use, making it the ideal gadget for cleaning homes, offices, and other properties.

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