Analysis and Testing of the Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker


This is an article that comes out a bit of what is technology related to computing and communications but the truth is that I really wanted to tell you about the Xiaomi electric rice cooker as one of those smart home products that I bought recently. I want to share with you all the secrets that this technological chuck has since unfortunately I have not yet found any web where you detail it as I have tried to do in this review.

Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker

What do you want me to say, the design of this Xiaomi Mi rice cooker seems spectacular. The people of Xiaomi have again got a well finished product. It is made of a very soft plastic to the touch and then the metallic materials like closures, covers, etc. I think they also have an exquisite construction.

Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker

What has caught my attention is the top panel which is where all the controls and buttons come to program the cooking of food. It is very striking the LED that have been put to show the remaining hour and minutes of cooking. That if as it sticks to say that in conditions of much light does not look too well.

Xiaomi Rice Cooker

I also really liked the two spoons it brings. One of them is for porridge but the truth is that as of the moment I am not an expert cook I will use both for the rice. The construction quality of the spoons is very good, in a plastic that looks very resistant to the high temperatures that we can have. Including a standard vaporizer vessel is also something to keep in mind. This will allow us to steam all kinds of crustaceans like clams, mussels, etc. It is something that I have to prove in more detail but now that Christmas is coming I will try to put a stop to it.

Xiaomi rice cooker

Although I have only done a cooking at the time of writing these lines I have to say that I have loved the way it has to operate. After this first use I have to say that it is very silent and that it perfectly evacuates the steam generated in its interior. The luminous segments and the display to follow the cooking are very good. In addition they are also accompanied by acoustic signals to indicate our appearance as the end of the cooking.

Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker

Another very good thing is the ease with which it is cleaned once we have finished cooking the rice. In 5 minutes we have everything ready again to start with another dish. For this Christmas that I have time I’m going to put to take more advantage of a very new product of Xiaomi and that surely will make our meals are faster, easier and above all much more tasty.

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