All you need to know about Glass bottle cutter


What is a glass bottle cutter
A glass bottle cutter is a small machine used for cutting glass bottles. It’s composed of a board for holding the bottle in place when its being scored. On the board are a bunch of rollers, cutting surfaces, and various elements for holding the bottle.
You normally rotate the bottle on the rollers while applying pressure to it. By rotating the bottle consistently, you’re able to achieve a straight, even cut. Glass bottle cutter is a very easy to use tool if you follow the instructions below.

Glass bottle cutter

How to use a glass bottle cutter
1. Adjust the bottle cutter
Follow the instructions on your bottle cutter to adjust the rollers, making sure the area to be cut rests on the scoring blade. When you have a good fit and the jar is snug against the blade, rotate it in a counterclockwise direction. As the blade hits the glass, you should hear a scraping sound. When the score has etched completely around the bottle, you might hear a crunch. A dusting of glass power might land on your cutter, so watch your fingers.
2. Rotate the bottle to create a score line
Check the score line on the bottle; it should be a faint white line that goes all the way around the object. If any section of the line is missing or too thin, the bottle will not break properly, so put it back into the cutter and score it again. Ideally, you should score the object only once, but you might have to practice a few times to get the hang of it.
3. Hot water
Once the score is complete, hold the bottle over a sink and pour very hot water (new boiling) over it for about five seconds, rotating to completely heat the score line.
4. Cold water
Then switch to cold water, pouring it over the score line as you rotate the bottle for about five seconds.
5. Gently tug at the top of the jar to remove the top portion
You should now see the score line through the depth of the glass. If so, tug gently on the top portion of the bottle to complete the separation. If tugging doesn’t work, tap the top section of the bottle gently on a hard surface covered with a dish towel and try tugging again. If the bottle will not separate, let it sit for a few minutes before attempting the separation again.
6. Sandpaper the edges
Once your bottle is fully cut, wrap the unwanted portion in paper or plastic and throw it away. The edge of the remaining section of the bottle might be rough and jagged, so use the sandpaper to smooth it out. Also, clean it very well to remove any tiny shards of glass that may have been created by the cut. Wipe your work area with damp paper towels and throw them away to minimize the chances of embedding glass into your skin.

A good glass cutter is very affordable and if you buy one with a tungsten carbide wheel from will last you for years and ensure a clean score line each time.

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