A Comprehensive Review Of The Original Xiaomi Smart WIFI Socket.


Most homeowners will confess that building a smart home from scratch isn’t easy as it might sound. There are various factors that one has to consider for the perfect end result. For instance, you have to plan about internet-enabled electrical outlets, switches, and plugs, not forgetting power stripes. The Xiaomi Smart Socket, for example, is one of the many that are known to guarantee user convenience and security to electrical appliances. Let’s take a comprehensive look at its features, benefits, and use.

 Xiaomi Smart Socket

The Original Xiaomi Smart WIFI Socket Review

The Xiaomi Smart Socket is a true definition of what the famous brand is all about; quality and affordability.

It makes an ideal choice for individuals with daily household socket use needs as it doesn’t wear-off even with frequent use.

The smart socket has a power holding capability of 2200W and a power input and output voltage capacity of AC 90 ~ 250V and AC 180 ~ 250V respectively.

It weighs around 63g and measures 5.5 x 4.4 x 3.1 cm, which is light enough for portability purposes.

This wireless Xiaomi Smart socket is white in color with a potent construction material, which can comfortably withstand an overwhelming 750-degree temperature.

It also has an overload protection option, hence very safe for use.

There is also a USB Port for charging your mobile phone, tablets and other mobile devices.

Xiaomi Smart Socket


How Do I Use The Xiaomi Smart Switch?

You have to connect the smart switch, which is a pretty simple procedure:

First, wait for the indication of the yellow light from the socket flash then open the APP Smart of your home.

Afterward, look at the right corner of the APP and click on the + sign to add the sockets

Next, you select the Name you want to use on your Xiaomi Smart socket and create a password.

If everything goes well, then the indicator light will remain blue an indication of a successful configuration. Your Xiaomi Smart socket is now ready for use!

Xiaomi Smart Socket

You can now use your socket in various ways such as:

It offers convenience in providing timely actual and rating power control of all household appliances

It helps you to remotely control the power supply options for a mobile phone even when away from home.

It Offers excellent switch timing options

The switch comes with useful Led indicators for night-time visibility

The Xiaomi Smart socket can effectively use a phone APP stand-alone application for functionality.


Remember, You can use the Xiaomi Smart socket with all sorts of phones, chargers, cookers, fans, and other electrical appliances. For more detailed information about it, please go to Banggood.






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