What Is Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s Secret of Maintaining Their Marriage?


On November 20th, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip gathered with their royal family to mark their 70th wedding anniversary. They are the first couple of the British royal family to celebrate 70 years of marriage.

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In 1934, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip met at the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark and Prince George

It was in a third meeting in July 1937 that 13-year-old Elizabeth fell in love with Philip and from then on, they began their romance by exchanging letters.

In 1946, they were engaged and it was on November 20th, 1947 that they get married at Westminster Abbey and began their sweet marriage.

Since the big day in 1947, they had spent 70 years with each other. Most people may wonder why they can maintain their love for such a long time especially in the age of high divorce rate. Actually, it is not hard for us to find that the secret of keeping their romantic love is to remember the fragrance of the beginning of love.

Luckily, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip know this truth deeply so for many years, they have never stopped keeping their love as ever by using Lavender Aroma Diffuser to kick out the terrible air in their love. So until now, they are happy with each other as ever. Lavender is the favor of love. Using the lavender aroma diffuser you can drive away the harmful air in the love.

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Actually, marriage management acts like keeping our health in our daily life. Only when we know how to kick out the harmful elements and infuse something fresh can we keep our marriage sweet as ever. The reason why Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip achieved a platinum marriage is not the usage of Lavender Air Purifier but their knowledge of how to keep their love fresh. But you can not forget the truth that keeping healthy is also necessary for the maintenance of marriage because only when you know how to take care of her can you know how to love her. Lavender aroma diffuser helps you take care of her by keeping the air fresh. Now, its retailer provides you with wonderful coupons that allow you to get them at a discounted price.

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