The Review of Xiaomi Electric Water Kettle


We need hot water in the kitchen for various purposes including food preparation, preparing green tea, drinking and various other purposes. An electric water kettle makes your job easier in getting you hot water when you want it. There are plenty of different varieties of kettles that you can find in the market these days. But nothing beats the all new advanced smart Xiaomi Electric Kettle. It comes with many unique and convenient features to help you easily get hot or boiling water when needed.

 Xiaomi Kettle Smart Features

The Xiaomi Kettle comes with a stylish design and attractive finishing with a stainless steel inner tank and outer thermal insulation. There are two capacitive touch buttons; one for boiling and another to maintain the hot water to the desired temperature for up to 10 hours. The kettle comes with two attachments which are the top jar and the bottom electrical panel. The panel comes with a cable housing at the bottom which you can use to adjust the length too. The top portion of the panel works as a docking station for the water jug. So the jug comes with a docking socket that draws electricity to heat the water inside the jug.

 Xiaomi Electric Water Kettle

Smartphone App

One of the unique features of Xiaomi Electric Water Kettle is the ability to control it via a smartphone app. You can install the app and use it access your smart kettle. With easy to connect option, you can pair the kettle with your phone via Bluetooth adapter installed within the kettle. Once paired, you can use the app and control the kettle by changing temperature, setting the duration for which you want to keep the water hot and to check the current temperature of the water inside. There is simply no other option to Xiaomi electric kettle in the market with regards to such an innovative feature.

Easy to use

With Xiaomi Kettle, you can bring the water to boiling with as less as 4 minutes. The kettle has a button to open the lid so you can easily pour the water out safely without any hassles. You can use this kettle to heat the milk, coffee or tea within a matter of a couple of minutes too. Xiaomi Electric Water Kettle is very easy to maintain as it does not rust or stain. It holds 1.5 litres of water which is sufficient for most. The auto power off and shock resistant features ensure complete safety too.

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