7 Interesting And Fun Facts About Vacuum Cleaners


Majority of households largely depend on the use of vacuum cleaners in this fast-growing economic times. This domestic and commercial appliance has proven to be useful despite the various changes it has undergone through the years. Therefore, it’s correct to assume that the use of this floor and carpet friendly unit isn’t ending anytime soon. From the famous Xiaomi robot vacuum to many other brands, here are a few incredible fun interesting facts you should know about vacuum cleaners

xiaomi robot vacuum

The Earliest Vacuum Cleaners Were Human Powered

This was around 1876 when there was no powered suctions on the cleaning machines. Therefore, their innovators Melville and Anna Bissell made use of hog bristles and rollers to get them working. During those times, vacuum cleaners were known to only work on carpets.


They Once Doubled Up As Hair Dryers

In the 1950s, many French elites who could afford the portable vacuum cleaners discovered the use of extensions for various functions. Interestingly, one of those was an attachment to the rear side of the vacuums’ air expeller that they used to dry their hair.

xiaomi robot vacuum

The Earliest Units Were Too Heavy For Individual Operations

While you might take the portability of modern vacuum cleaners such as the Xiaomi robot vacuum for granted, its surprising to know that this machines needed two individuals to operate in the early ages. The vacuums were too heavy so the users had to work in twos as one vacuum and the other pushes it around.


They Proved Carpet Tea-leaves Cleaning Wrong

Before the embracing of vacuum cleaners in households, most individuals used the classic tea-leaves cleaning method. Here the leaves sprinkled on the floor helped suck up dust for easy sweeping. However, the introduction of vacuum cleaners quickly replaced this outdated non-functional method.

xiaomi robot vacuum

Some Come With Cleanliness Sensors

Imagine having a device that only stops cleaning after achieving a high level of cleanliness? Well, that’s what some modern vacuum cleaners provide to their users. You simply keep cleaning until the sensor sends the ” neat” signal. That’s the power of technology.


Some comfortably Vacuum Water and Liquids

Well, we are used to dusting vacuum cleaners. But when we add the essence of water and liquid to it, then that’s what we call top-notch innovation. And to think that they wouldn’t explode!

xiaomi robot vacuum

The Hoover Introduced The Electric Vacuum Cleaners

The Hoover Company CEO Henry Dreyfuss was the first to market the modern vacuum cleaners. This led to the introduction on the verb “hoover” in the Oxford English Dictionary. So we keep hoovering.


That’s about it for now. We hope you found these facts interesting. Keep sharing! For more vacuum cleaners at an affordable price, please go to Bangggod.


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