4 things to consider when choosing a power Drill


Choosing the right cordless power drill for your home is not rocket science. In fact all the cordless drills produced by popular companies are best in their own way. The real task lies in choosing the perfect drill which matches our needs. In this era of internet, we are spoilt with choice. We have transformed ourselves from the era of knowledge scarcity to era of knowledge abundance.

power Drill

We have hundreds of thousands of pages for each and every product we search for, in Google or Yahoo. But the real talent lies in choosing the best product from the variety of choices. The same concept applies for cordless drills.

Choosing a Power Drill

1. Nature of Work
First you need to determine the nature of your job. Is it light, medium or heavy duty? You will find drills that range between 2 amps – 5 amps. Also you should consider buying a drill that features more than one speed. Variable speed drills are generally more versatile and you can use them in a wide range of projects. It doesn’t mean that one speed drills are necessarily worse, but they can either be too slow or too fast for your project which can be quite frustrating. Variable speed drills, however, give you more control over the setting so you can adjust the speed to your liking.

2. Traditional VS Cordless Power Drills
Power drills with cords (traditional drills) are usually more powerful and offer more versatility. Majority of the tradesmen, who have to deal with heavy duty work, generally opt for traditional drills as they better suit their needs. However, modern cordless drills have their own advantages. If you have to work at a site where there is no power outlet, your only option would be a cordless drill. These drills are much easier to use as they are lighter and offer better portability. Besides, no cords mean better safety as there are lesser chances of tripping over and electrocution.

3. Drill Size and Angle Drills
Power drills that support various sizes tend to be more useful as you can administer your project pretty well. Before choosing a drill, also factor in the type of material you’ll be working with. For example a drill that does a great job with concrete might not be suitable for woodwork and vice versa. Consider what’s more important to you – speed of the drill or the torque generation or maybe even both? When planning to buy a drill, remember that you aren’t buying it only for the job at hand and keep all the future projects in mind you’re going to use it for. Thinking about the current situation is essential, but future proofing is also significant as power tool is an expensive investment. If your job comprises of working in tight areas, then you would do better with angle drills that are specially designed to perform drill jobs in congested areas.

4. Spare Batteries
If you are going to use cordless drills, then it’s a smart idea to keep spare batteries with you. After every usage don’t forget to recharge them again so you don’t have to run into any kind of trouble the next time you need your power drill.

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