4 Practical Ways to Save Space in Bedroom


You might be renting a small apartment with a tiny bedroom. However, the tiny bedroom could also give you wonderful life as well, as long as you know exactly how to design it in the right way. Try to save space in your bedroom? There are lots of tricks about designing your bedroom so that your bedroom would look a little bit more spacious. But, in my opinion, it will be much better, if there are some practical tips for saving space in my bedroom. Actually, I have got some really great ideas, as I have visited many people’s house. As far as I am concerned, there are totally four ways to help you survive the tiny bedroom.christine-chang-hanway-unexpected-storage-photos-by-kristin-perers-remodelista-0


To take advantage of the walls beside your bed is a great idea. It’s kind of convenient and smart to add some bedside shelves for keeping your favorite books, a cup of water, and other decorations. Try to keep the shelves available so that you could get whatever easily as you are lying in the bed. Or the hanging organizer bag is also wonderful idea.


In general, there will be space for you to take up above the bed. So, the cabinets above the bed might be the perfect option. You could also install some shelves above the bed, but, which I think it’s a little bit dangerous as things might fall from the shelves. Different from shelves, cabinets for storage seem to be much safer. And you could whatever you want in the cabinets without being seen.


Nightstand is inevitable for me, and I bet that it’s also important for most of you. So, some tricky ideas for the nightstand would be excellent. In view of that, have you ever thought of that the desk could be your perfect night stand? I do have a desk that is big enough for my desk lamp, monitor, cosmetic, and other stuff. However, to find the ideal height of your desk would be a task for most of you. And don’t forget your chair that is next to the desk.


There is an amount space under the bed that could be taken up. So, you should better spend time on designing your bed thoughtfully. You could have lots of storages under the bed, or you could have a bed that could be lifted up and down. If your beds are made, you could buy some organization supplies, so you could keep your clothing in the boxes and put those boxes under your bed.

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