Monthly Archive:: March 2018

20 Mar 2018

How to Choose a Perfect Doorbell?

Both in your presence and while you are away, your home should be safe. It is now possible to operate well in your home compound in order to know in advance who is at the door. It calls for
19 Mar 2018

Why you need to get yourself an Xiaomi Hot Pot?

Electric hot pots lie somewhere in between electric kettles and fondue pots and use very similar heating elements. One of the major differences, however, between electric kettles and electric hot pots is that you can cook food
16 Mar 2018

Review of Digoo-DG-M1X IP Smart Camera for Home Security

One of the main reasons why most people are installing a security camera is to ensure that burglars and intruders do not enter the property and to quickly catch them in case of housebreaking or trespassing. The
14 Mar 2018

Compact Digoo DG-UFC IP Security Camera Helps Keep Homes Safe

Most CCTV cameras are installed prominently and are easily visible to anyone entering the house or property. So the burglars or intruders may first cannot be able to steal or damage the security camera so that no
13 Mar 2018

Refresh You With The Digoo DG-TF111 Fan this Summer

In the technological times, we are more inclined to technological advancement that gives us a multipurpose combination. This a form of cost-cutting and efficiency-based system which is tailored made for end-user satisfaction and enjoyment. I will thereby
13 Mar 2018

How to Make Delicious Watermelon Juice?

Whether it is intended to quench your thirst after a day under the punishing sun or replenish your body fluids after a torturous morning working out at the gym, nobody can possibly say no to a drink
12 Mar 2018

Digoo DG-HOSA Security Alarm System Review

With so many home security systems in the market, finding an alarm should be an effortless process. Unfortunately, not all alarm systems you encounter will meet your needs. It still requires careful evaluation and reviews to land
12 Mar 2018

Why You Need the Sous Vide Precision Cooker?

Let’s start things off by defining what sous vide cooking is. This type of cooking technique takes advantage of precise temperature controls in order to provide restaurants with quality results on a consistent basis. This has been a
9 Mar 2018

The Review of Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector

Air is not absolutely clean. If it were, then it would be possible for a candle that has been lit to be seen in more than twenty kilometers. This is not possible though since dust and gases
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