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23 Mar 2018

Convenience On The go: The DIGOO DG-WT2

Laboratory water testing is expensive and time-consuming. In addition, there may be no lab around your office, home or farm where you can send a water sample to for testing. That is why you need the Digoo
23 Mar 2018

How to Repel Animals and Insects in Your Garden?

Planting and maintaining a garden at home is a rewarding and exciting hobby. However, it does not always come without its own challenges since many animals and pests will always be as eager to enjoy your hard
22 Mar 2018

What Makes Digoo SB-XYA Doorbell Better Than Digoo SB-XYZ Doorbell

Wireless doorbells have made a remarkable impact over the past few years reducing the demand for wired doorbells by a great deal. While these doorbells have an increased signal strength, they require no installation making them an
22 Mar 2018

Review of Digoo DG-TH3330 Thermometer

Isn’t it weird that three different rooms can have three different temperatures and you don’t why? It can get extremely annoying when you can feel the difference but you don’t know the exact temperature. This is exactly
22 Mar 2018

Five Ways That Will Give Your Ceiling a New Look

Your house deserves a complete internal design, which will keep you adore it. The fifth wall i.e. your ceiling is one of the parts of your home that you might forget to either decorate it or ignore
21 Mar 2018

Digoo DG-TH8868 Weather Station Hygrometer

Digoo brings to you their popular DG-TH8868 all-purpose indoor/outdoor hygrometer. This colored screen USB barometric pressure weather station is simple to run and predicts the weather, temperature, humidity, moon phase and sunset time accurately. It is a
21 Mar 2018

The Review of Digoo Toilet Light

Hosting a party at your place? Got your house decorated but need some ideas to spice up the bathroom? With the Digoo toilet light, you can now inject some color, life, and vibrancy into your humble lavatory.
20 Mar 2018

How to Choose a Perfect Doorbell?

Both in your presence and while you are away, your home should be safe. It is now possible to operate well in your home compound in order to know in advance who is at the door. It calls for
19 Mar 2018

Why you need to get yourself an Xiaomi Hot Pot?

Electric hot pots lie somewhere in between electric kettles and fondue pots and use very similar heating elements. One of the major differences, however, between electric kettles and electric hot pots is that you can cook food