Monthly Archive:: October 2017

30 Oct 2017

Effective Strategies for Dealing With Pests

Mice are a major issue of concern in our households. They are easy to identify since they leave traces of their droppings everywhere, the funniest bit about them is the fact that they appear at the most
26 Oct 2017

The Review of Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart Camera

IP cameras are useful gadgets utilized for both personal and public purposes. A user can install an IP camera in their home, office or even storage space so as to monitor the security of these spaces from
25 Oct 2017

Wonderful Kitchenware Leads to Wonderful Cooking Experience

Cooking can be a good experience if you have a good kitchenware to match your talent. It is going to be a wonderful experience every time you cook. A good kitchenware can make you achieve the consistency
25 Oct 2017

The Review of Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera

Are you living in an area which has a lot of thefts? Was the house next to yours subjected to a case of breaking and entering? A normal security camera can’t stop these things from happening. It
24 Oct 2017

Fully Functional and Hygienic Xiaomi Smart Toilet Seat

A toilet is a place where you need to maintain highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene because an unhealthy toilet habit can result in various types of diseases and infections. And the best way to ensure you are
21 Oct 2017

Bill Gates’ s House: Miniature of Smart Home

With the development of science and technology, smart home has become popular in the world. But what is smart home? Bill Gates’ s house may be the good answer for you. Bill Gates’ s house which is considered as the
19 Oct 2017

Xiaomi Smart Flower Pot – A Gardener’s Best Friend

Do you want to know what your plants are thinking? What do they need? Keep your plants healthy and well by understanding the water and nourishment they need. The Xiaomi Smart Flower Pot helps you to understand
18 Oct 2017

The Review of Xiaomi Electric Water Kettle

We need hot water in the kitchen for various purposes including food preparation, preparing green tea, drinking and various other purposes. An electric water kettle makes your job easier in getting you hot water when you want
18 Oct 2017

A Must-Have that You Can’t Miss in Your Halloween Party

Halloween, also known as Halloween’s Eve is one of the most traditional festivals in western country. Every year, it will be greatly celebrated on 31st October by trick-or-treating, costume parties, making, jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, divination, apple bobbing and