Monthly Archive:: September 2017

25 Sep 2017

MIPOW BTL-301W Smart Light review

In the society of rapid development of technology, everything is growing smarter and smarter. Of course, there is no exception for light. Now, you can control your smart light with a few taps on your smartphone or
21 Sep 2017

A Look Back at the Wonderful Moments of Banggood’s 11th Anniversary

Banggood hosted a 72-hour Blitz Sale from September 9th to September 11th, 2017. We hope you made the most of this groundbreaking opportunity; there were hot snap-up prices and unbeatable deals for everyone. Did you snap up
20 Sep 2017

YUNMAI Mini 2 Weighing Scale Review

It is important at any age to achieve a healthy weight objective. This is because it influences our cardiovascular health, energy levels and our confidence. A smart scale makes this job a lot easier, and as you step on one,
19 Sep 2017

Wonderful Storage Bags Make Organizing Easier

There is nothing more terrible than living on messy room and I believe that there is nobody willing to live in a messy room. So to live comfortably, we have to make our room well organized. There
14 Sep 2017

Xiaomi 8H Pillow Review

Your sleepless nights are about to end! In our modern busy and on-the-go lifestyle, there is a consistent need to keep our best moods and stay vibrant so as to keep pace with the challenging and changing
14 Sep 2017

Review of Xiaomi 8H Lazy Sofa

The day to day changes in technology has introduced new products for more ease and comfort of the human being. Xiaomi eco-enterprise has introduced a new product to add to the home furniture list, a few months ago. This product
14 Sep 2017

Best Coffee Maker for Outdoor Camping

When you are camping outdoors in forests or mountains in chilly weather, there is nothing warmer than warmth from a cup of hot coffee. But again you do not want to compromise on the best taste and aroma
9 Sep 2017

The Review of Loskii H6 Wireless Doorbell

Remember the last time you ordered something you couldn’t wait to receive by mail but the delivery required a signature? Remember hunkering down in the house on delivery day and waiting for the delivery driver to arrive.
9 Sep 2017

The Review of Sliver Bladeless Fan

In the age of technology and modernization, fans are not far away. New advancements are done in the fan industry to accommodate the modern needs of people. The latest technological advancement in fans is the development of bladeless fans. These fans