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27 Mar 2017

Why You Keep Killing Your Succulents? 6 Secrets for Growing Succulents

It did confuse me a whole while that why I could never keep the succulents growing healthily, since every succulent that I grew wind up dead eventually. It did make me feel frustrated. And I started to
23 Mar 2017

It’s Gonna be a ‘Goo’ Day with Digoo

It’s gonna be a good day and a great big day with promotions of Digoo! Actually, it’s going to start on March 22th, 2017. Now, you could get the products of Digoo that you eager for a
14 Mar 2017

Home Textiles Bring You Comfort at Home

A comfortable bed, a soft sofa, some delicious foods and someone you love are the meaning of home. I believe that to make the home a warmer and soothing place is absolutely great for people, who think
10 Mar 2017

Ideas for Decorating Your Pies and Cakes

If you like to give a personal touch to everything but time plays against you, buy the cake made and decorate it yourself. You will learn tricks and some fabulous recipe with these ten simple and original
6 Mar 2017

Unboxing the Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush at Reasonable Price

As I have shown you the differences between Philips HX9332 and Xiaomi Soocare X3 in previous post, you might get a little familiar with the Xiaomi toothbrush. Some of you might want to know better before getting
3 Mar 2017

Review of Electric Toothbrush from Xiaomi

Xiaomi has not only produced smartphone at reasonable price but also provide you excellent smart home products. And, recently, it has shown us a brand new product, Xiaomi Soocare X3, which is an electric toothbrush in white
2 Mar 2017

Here are Some Smart Home Products for Your Domestic Life

As we all know, smart home products have been a part of our lives, like the smart cleaning robot, or the smart socket or switch, which have made our life better than ever. And you might be
1 Mar 2017

Portable Coffee Capsule Machine for Coffee Lover

My boyfriend is a big fan of coffee. As we are on a date, a cup of America coffee is a must-have for him. And sometimes, he loves to order a shot of espresso for the bitter