Monthly Archive:: February 2017

22 Feb 2017


In today’s world filled with ever changing technology has led to developments of smart home systems. These cool systems have changed people lifestyle by providing the quick and simple solution to daily home problems. There are many
21 Feb 2017

Analysis and Testing of the Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker

This is an article that comes out a bit of what is technology related to computing and communications but the truth is that I really wanted to tell you about the Xiaomi electric rice cooker as one
20 Feb 2017

Now It’s Time for A Better Filter Pitcher

You might be looking for a pitcher to keep your water, and there are so many different types of pitcher in different textures, like glass and plastic. However, do you know that there are also some pitchers
17 Feb 2017

Tips for Using and Maintaining Ceramic Knives

I must say I have always been reluctant to have ceramic knives for the kitchen, but a month ago they gave me a game, and of course, you have to learn to use them as they are
16 Feb 2017

When You Need A Throw Pillow to Hug and Decorate Your Home

Sometimes you might need something to hug as watching the movie or when you are said. And if you need something to hug, the throw pillow might be certainly a great idea. More than that, a throw
14 Feb 2017

New Arrival! XiaoMi Digital Smart Scale for Healthy Life You Need

Body scale helps us to monitor our weight as we are managing it. Now, there are smart scales to give more helps. What is a smart scale? It’s basically an electronic bathroom scale that could not only
13 Feb 2017

JISIWEI I3 Vacuum Cleaner is Now Available, Go Get It!

As there are more and more smart home products for us to save energy and lower electricity bill, it’s inevitable for you to try something new from smart home systems. As soon as you use those smart
8 Feb 2017

Most Romantic Decorating Ideas Ever: Starry Starry Home

When you look up to the sky, do you feel like being attracted by those shiny stars? It’s kind of amazing when I look up to the sky, it makes me feel kind of relaxing and super
6 Feb 2017

Let’s See How it’s Done: The Convenient and Smart Kitchen

If you are going to refreshing your kitchen or design your kitchen in a brand new way, it’s time for you to look for making it more convenient and smart for you. And it’s a way to