Monthly Archive:: September 2016

28 Sep 2016

Garden Lights That Can Brighten Up Your Garden

Many garden parties made overnight when the weather is cooler. The guests wear their best clothes and hosts decorate their homes with tents, tables and other decorations that help enhance the party atmosphere. Among the most important
27 Sep 2016

Mistakes That You Probably Make in Decorating Your Home

Home is the most comfortable place for all of us. You come home after backbreaking work, and your home could give you lace to rest and let your guard down. If you have children, this is the
27 Sep 2016

Review of the Xiaomi Smart Home Gateway

It has been said that smart home system could make our home and our life smarter. And there are many people that have been used some smart home products at home, such as smart home sockets, smart
26 Sep 2016

Basic Tools for Baking Delicious Food

Today I’ll tell you what you need to be as basic in our kitchen when making our sweet delights. You do not need the most expensive and luxurious kitchen items! There is silicone cake mould, cake pan
23 Sep 2016

4 Practical Ways to Save Space in Bedroom

You might be renting a small apartment with a tiny bedroom. However, the tiny bedroom could also give you wonderful life as well, as long as you know exactly how to design it in the right way.
22 Sep 2016

Review of the Digoo BB-M1 Baby WiFi Camera Monitor

Many parents don’t feel safe to leave their babies in the nursery alone since there are a lot of things that they might concern about. If you have a cute baby, you might not fall asleep well
21 Sep 2016

Small Gadgets Help You Organize Your Room

Sometimes, your desk or your bedroom looks like a mess. It’s normal, because most of us don’t know that small organization supplies could help us a lot. If you are interested in keeping your room in order,
19 Sep 2016

Security Camera That You Certainly Need

You have a surveillance system at home is not only a safety issue. It is also very useful to see what children do while we are away from home, check if someone accesses a room that should
18 Sep 2016

Tips for Decorating Your Bathroom

It’s very common that the bathroom would be the smallest room you have in your house, and you might not have spent much time on decorating it. However, decorating your bathroom in your own way will not