Monthly Archive:: October 2015

30 Oct 2015

Smart Plug Makes Life More and More Convenient

Thanks to the development of technology and smart products, it’s obvious that our lives become more and more convenient and funny than we could expect. As a homebody, I am not so interested in hanging out, and
28 Oct 2015

Can’t Help Loving: Cute Kitchen Gadgets

Most of the days, you have to cook for your family, and it seems to be such a boring thing. As most of you have done, I have found cooking a boring thing, and it has been
26 Oct 2015

Creative Mugs to Bring You Good Mood from the Morning

We use our mug to drink water for daily needs, or we love to fill it with hot chocolate or coffee to relax ourselves. In view of that, mugs are important to our life somehow, which we
23 Oct 2015

Incredible Fans You Need to Stop Sweating

I have to admit that I can’t live without the fan even for a minute in this hot summer, since there is impossible for me to bring the air conditioner along with me wherever I go. I
21 Oct 2015

Impressive Ideas of Displaying Candles at Home

To create a romantic mood, it’s such a great idea to light up a candle in your house. Aside from using the candles when it’s blackout, I love to light them up as I have the candlelight
19 Oct 2015

Incredible Ideas of Landscaping

Is the landscaping one of your big headaches? You are eager to add garden decorations or grow some wonderful plants to beautify your yard, but you don’t know exactly how to pull off. Don’t sweat it, since
15 Oct 2015

Go Luxury: Add the Gold Home Decor

As to show my style, I love the idea of mixing the jewelry in gold and silver. One day I started to think about how to decorate my house in my favorite combination, the gold and silver,
13 Oct 2015

DIY Embroidery Home Decor Liven Your House Up

Words can’t explain how much I love the handy crafts, and I love to DIY something wonderful for my house. DIY could make our life and our home much better than it used to be, and the
12 Oct 2015

12 Awesome Products You’ll Need for Simple and Better Life

1. It’s all about cleaning and organization. When it comes to cleaning and organization, many of us are overwhelmed. How to declutter your stuff and keep them in place can be a little bit tricky. Aside from