Monthly Archive:: September 2015

24 Sep 2015

Whimsical and Colorful Hot Air Balloon Decor

As for me, the hot air balloon appears to be dreamy and wonderful, since we can take the balloons across the countryside or wherever we want. What’s more, the hot air balloon does look beautiful and gorgeous
23 Sep 2015

Simple Tips of Caring for Blueberries

Blueberry muffins, blueberry pie, blueberry ice cream, blueberry pancakes, plain old blueberries, if you like them, you can grow them in containers or in the garden beds. If you would like to grow in containers, here are
23 Sep 2015

Novelty Beer Glass Mugs for You and Your Friends

To have beers while I am chatting with my friends in leisure time is a must-do, since the communication would be much funnier with the beers. What’s more, it’s been said that there are lots of unexpected
22 Sep 2015

Care Tips of Succulents

Succulents are unique and beautiful. These fantastic drought tolerant plants are easy and fun to grow in containers. Succulents are tough plants for every climate, not just at the beach or in the desert. If you’ve never
22 Sep 2015

Go Fashionable: Geometrics Home Design

It has been quite popular to decorate the room with geometric prints recently, and the room looks more playful with those geometric prints anyway. If you are going to design your kid’s room, to design the room
21 Sep 2015

Home Smart Home: Broadlink RM2 Remote Control

Are you tired of using a bunch of hardware remotes at home? Do you want to control your electrical appliances while you are outside of your home? Do you enjoy living smart convenient life? Then you can’t
21 Sep 2015

Take Advantage of the Wasted Baby Food Jars

As many families do, you have saved a lot of baby food jars which seem to be useless to you. As time goes by, there will be more and more baby food jars in your home until
18 Sep 2015

How to Protect Your Evergreen Trees and Shrubs?

Junipers, yews, cypresses and spruces and other evergreen trees and shrubs add year around beauty to your landscape. These plants are tough but they need a little extra protection to get through winter. I am going to
18 Sep 2015

Awesome Broadlink RM2 Pro: Make Everything Simple

You have already known the basic functions of the Broadlink RM2 Pro, and this smart item rather appeals to you. However, you feel that it’s a little bit hasty to take it home immediately, and you want