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10 Jun 2015

Must-have Gadgets to Build Your Sweet Home

Home is more than a place for people to live. It’s also a harbor of soul. It could comfort you when you have suffered. It could warm your heart when you get harmed. It could protect you
9 Jun 2015

Top 5 Common Dental Care Mistakes

We brush and floss our teeth every day. Actually many of us didn’t pay much attention to our dental health until the dental problems present or even get worse. We do it perfunctorily as a routine task.
8 Jun 2015

Weekend Recreation: Hosting an Outdoor Movie Party

When I was a little kid, my parents and I often went to the outdoor movie night nearby. We enjoyed the movie as well as had a wonderful time with the gentle breeze caressing our cheeks. What
6 Jun 2015

Gas VS. Electric Yard Trimmer

Owning a yard is a bittersweet thing, especially if you own a large yard. Family spend their leisure time and kids scamper around the yard. When it comes to maintaining, however, it is quite overwhelming and exhausting.
5 Jun 2015

Tips of Lawn Irrigation

It takes lots of efforts to maintain a green and healthy lawn. Among these necessary maintenance, lawn irrigation is one of the most integral and important elements of lawn health. Though the majority of family have experience
4 Jun 2015

How to Remove Cooking Odors

We all want to keep our kitchen clean and organized. But it is hard to avoid unpleasant odors especially if you are cooking some spicy meals. The bad smell gets worse if you do nothing about it.
3 Jun 2015

How to Organize Your Bathroom

Bathroom is the most private space where you can spend your time alone. After a long day of work, turn on the music and take a relaxing bath. Basically, it is where you start your day before
1 Jun 2015

How to Bathe Your Baby

Bathing an infant for the first time can be a difficult task for parents. Because the newborn is vulnerable, parents need to be particularly careful. If parents can master the skills of bathing a baby, it can