Monthly Archive:: June 2015

16 Jun 2015

Bold Elements for Your Boring Bathroom

Do you think your bathroom is too boring? Do you have no idea how to decorate it?  Most of us have boring bathroom, and we don’t know how to make it more interesting. Here are some bold
16 Jun 2015

Unique and Space-Saving Hanging Garden Decorations

Home decor is about how to fully utilize the space and incorporate your favorite elements. Some people want to decorate their houses, but they are restricted by the limited space. While some didn’t make full use of
15 Jun 2015

Must-have Things in Child’s Room

Many parents have no ideas, when it comes to designing their children’s room. We are eager to give the best thing to our children, since they are the apples in our eye. I have some suggestions that
15 Jun 2015

How to Make Perfect French Fries at Home

I love french fries and I have to admit I am a fry maniac. At weekends, I like to fry some new ingredients and see if they can surprise me. This week, I decided to make something
12 Jun 2015

Get Some Fresh Air: Negative Ion Air Cleaner

Due to the rapid development of economy and industry, it is harder and harder for us to breathe fresh air. The polluted air is harmful to our health because it may cause respiratory diseases. The impurities in
12 Jun 2015

Expressing Your Love to Your Dad

As father’s day is coming up, it’s a difficulty for many people to choose gifts for their father. Father is the backbone of our family. He provided us with a home to live, and gave us guidance
11 Jun 2015

Things You Should Know About Window Treatments

Home interior design is infusing your personal style into every space of your house. The way you deal with the subtlety presents your taste and expectation toward the house. Many people may overlook the impact of the
11 Jun 2015

Colorful Cold Drinks for This Summer

I love to drink something cold and sweet in summer days, so does my child. So I always make some cold drinks with different kinds of fruits for my child. And I like to share some cold
10 Jun 2015

Go Wild : Animal Home Decor Ideas

It is hard to say which style rules the marketplace. It is the diversity of modern home decor that leads to its continuous development and prosperity. Could this be good for us? Yes and no. Admittedly, we