Monthly Archive:: June 2015

30 Jun 2015

What do You Know About Cross Stitch

When it comes to home decoration, there are endless topics about it. As the living standard is increasing day by day, people attach more importance to home interior design. They are no longer satisfied with traditional decoration.
30 Jun 2015

Lovable Ideas for Wrapping Gifts

There are many occasions or anniversaries that you need to send your love one a gift, for example, wedding anniversary, Father’s day or attending graduation. As many people do, I prefer sending a gift that I make
29 Jun 2015

Easy and Space-Saving Storage and Organization Ideas

You may not notice that you own too much things until you are going to move out. The packing seems endless and there are always stuff waiting for you to organize. If I were you, this could
26 Jun 2015

Tropical Elements in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Some of you may consider designing your kids’ bedrooms as a difficulty, but I am here to tell you that it’s pretty easy. Compared with parents’ bedrooms, kids’ bedrooms are more playful and fancy. For that reason,
25 Jun 2015

Make a Terrarium to Decorate Your Home

Having some plants indoor is enchanting, and it’s beneficial to our health. On the condition that some plants could absorb carbon dioxide in the air, there is no reason for you to refuse greens in your house.
25 Jun 2015

Gardening Tools Every Homeowner Needs

You can’t get the work done if you don’t have necessary tools. I would be super annoyed if I can’t get things done just because I don’t have the tools. I am a garden lover, so I
24 Jun 2015

Fantastic Outdoor Space Lighting Ideas

A backyard deck can be a great leisure place where you can throw a party at the weekend. However, it will be a bummer if you have to end the party due to the lack of lights.
24 Jun 2015

Creative Clocks for Decorating

It’s undeniable that clocks are the basic essentials for our home, because we could tell the time by the clocks. However, most of us have clocks which are very simple and drab. Do you know that your
23 Jun 2015

Amazing Home Textile Decoration Ideas

As the industry of home interior design has developed rapidly, many related industry also achieved fast and steady development. There is no limit to human’s imagination. It is only the matter of time. The home textiles have