Monthly Archive:: May 2015

29 May 2015

Throw a Fantastic Party to Celebrate Children’s Day

Children’s Day is coming soon. Tired of taking your kid to the crowded park in that day? Do you want to add some new joy to this special day? Now you can keep your kid entertained by
28 May 2015

Ways to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized

A well-organized desk can improve the work efficiency and productivity. You are concentrated when working at a clean table. You can easily find the files and notes you need. While the cluttered, unorganized desk may distract you.
27 May 2015

How to Beef up Your Home Security

So you think your home is safe enough when you are away or even asleep? That is not necessary the case. Every family is at risk of burglary or break-in. Those families with vulnerability or easy entry
26 May 2015

Infused Water Recipes for Health

Water is an ideal drink that can keep your body stay hydrated. However, water is plain and boring, and definitely can’t satisfy your taste buds. Many people enjoy going to the bar or cafe. A survey shows
25 May 2015

How to Plan a Summer Pool Party

Yeah! Summer is here. Do you want to enjoy the coolest summer? What is your best choice? A pool party is the hottest and coolest entertainment at the same time. You may have been invited to your
21 May 2015

Tips to Repel Mosquito Bites in Summer

Hi. I am back. Sorry for the lag in blogging. I really had a great time when taking a vocation. I can’t wait to share with you guys. Summer has come already and I’m pretty sure you