Monthly Archive:: April 2015

13 Apr 2015

How to store tea greatly?

Tea is a dry product, extremely hygroscopic moisture can produce a qualitative change. When the tea was not kept greatly, in the role of moisture, temperature, humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, may cause adverse biochemical reactions
11 Apr 2015

Hanging Garden

Hanging Gardens of Babylon is one of the eight wonders of the world. It is said that it use three-dimensional air garden gardening practices and put the garden on the top of four platforms. What’s more, it
10 Apr 2015

Decorative light

Low carbon living means reduce energy consumption, especially carbon dioxide emissions.It helps to reduce pollution of the atmosphere, slowing ecological deterioration. We can mainly change the details of life by three ways, for example, the energy-saving, solar
10 Apr 2015

Led Shower Head

There are different kinds of shower head. Some shower head changes the color of the water coming out by using built-in LEDs. Led shower head has different kinds of colors, colors will change according to the temperature of
7 Apr 2015

It’s important to Protect our teeth

We should protect our teeth greatly, so we must brush our teeth. With the development of technology, automatic toothpaste dispenser and automatic toothbrush are made. Automatic toothpaste dispenser is convenient, and it can be used easily. And