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20 Mar 2015

Lovely and Easy DIY Crafts for Easter

Easter Day will come on Sunday, April 5th of 2015. Even though now is still March, many people especially kids, will feel excited about Easter Day. For many kids, Easter Sunday is about the Easter Bunny, colorfully
17 Mar 2015

Leisure Art: Cross Stitch for Your Home

What would you do in your leisure time? Sometimes I think art is a kind of thing which can improve people’s mind, let people be peace and relax and also inspire people imagination. Apart from painting, today
16 Mar 2015

Top 4 Rugs Tips for Better Decorating the Floor in Your House

We all know that how rugs can make a place look more stylish and wonderful; rugs are always the major home decor of any rooms. Since we can decorate room with any style of rugs, but how
13 Mar 2015

Top 3 Ways that can Kill a Houseplant

Most people would like to have some ornamental plants to decorate indoors, as houseplants are not only special home decor which can add vivid and green to a house, but improve the indoor environment. Ornamental plants need
12 Mar 2015

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

Do you have any idea of feng shui? It is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing people with the surrounding environment which literally translates to ‘wind and water’ as well. Hence, when people set up or decorate
11 Mar 2015

DIY Succulent Sea-Themed Terrarium for Your Home

Do you have any idea about terrarium? In fact I have noticed this kind of plants for a while and I found terrarium is interesting and popular in these days. A terrarium is a type of miniature
10 Mar 2015

Mosquito Net Home Design Ideas

As we all know, mosquito net offers protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects in order to against the diseases include malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and various forms of encephalitis they might carry to people. However,
9 Mar 2015

How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean in 5 minutes A Day

To start our new day, bathroom is where we must go every morning. A neat and tidy bathroom can make our mood peace and good, however, to keep this place cleaning is a bit hard for all
7 Mar 2015

Modern Home Lighting Ideas

To create a modern and also warm home, lighting is necessary as enough and right lighting can brighten any rooms in your house. Since yesterday, I have recommended some lighting ideas for the living room, and this