Monthly Archive:: February 2015

6 Feb 2015

Build Up Romantic Atmosphere at Home for Valentine’s Day

Just one week to the Valentine’s Day. Maybe many of you didn’t book a candle light dinner in the restaurant because it may be too late and there is no seat. In fact, it is sweeter to
5 Feb 2015

Nice Wall Art Decor: DIY Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is a craftsmanship that has a long history. In the 14th century, cross stitch spreads to Italy via Turkey from China and then spread in Europe. Initially the cross stitch was popular in the court
5 Feb 2015

New Style Wall Decor: Mediterranean Style Decorative Fish Net

Wall detailing can brighten the well-designed rooms of your house. Since there are many wall decorations for people to select: wallpaper, photo frame, wall stickers, etc. however, do you think they are a little normal to your
4 Feb 2015

Homemade Fondant for Cake

Nowadays, many people enjoy baking and they prefer doing baking food at home instead of buying cakes or cookies from bakery. Just like me, I love to baking life so much as I can DIY or create
4 Feb 2015

Review of Wonderful Plant Digital Clock

I feel annoyed that my desk is always messy and I cannot find the things I need sometimes. Although there are files, books, stationaries and many other office supplies on the desk, I still like to put
3 Feb 2015

Choosing the Right and Best Electric Toothbrush for You

Are you considering purchasing a new electric toothbrush instead of the regular one? With so many electric toothbrush types available on the market, it is usually difficult for you to select the right and best toothbrush. If
2 Feb 2015

DIY Potted Plants Review, New Easy Gardening Idea

Since recently, I have been tired of my office desk and I needed something to make my working place more energetic. Hence I decided to have a plant. What plant is perfect to my office desk? As
2 Feb 2015

Sweet Dream with Nice Beddings

At weekends especially in winter, people usually like to sleep for a longer time in the bed and unwilling to get up although we have been waked up. Once we have gotten up, we will have many