Monthly Archive:: January 2015

30 Jan 2015

How to Arrange a Well-Organized Kitchen

Kitchen is a place that easily in a mess. It is an area of home that gets used more often than other area, so it stands to reason that if your kitchen were more organized and simple
30 Jan 2015

Ways to Maintain Sweater

Sweater is the indispensable clothes to keep warm in our life. Some people will place them casually when they don’t dress so the sweater will be crumpled and spilled. It is necessary to wash them but the
29 Jan 2015

Practical Home Gadget: Clothes Folder

For many people, flip and fold clothes will be a little hard in winter. Since clothes we wear in winter are more, what’s worse is the next part, after laundry, we have to flip and fold clothes.
29 Jan 2015

Modern Abstract Paintings for Modern House

Abstract painting generally refers to the painting style which hopes not to mimic the nature in the twentieth century. It includes a variety of genres and formed with a long-term and sustainable evolution. All genres try to
28 Jan 2015

New Design Pillow: Wood Shaped Throw Pillow Review

As a typical home lady, I usually separate two types of pillows in my house: one is normal pillows which are in classic shapes with different colors or patterns; the other one is the funny one which
28 Jan 2015

Protect Eyes Well from Myopia

When we walk in the streets, you will see that a lot of people are wearing glasses and some of them are children. Parents are worried about the problem but there is nothing to do. In fact,
27 Jan 2015

Review of Digital LED Alarm

As we get older, seldom of us can sleep the night through like children especially when we have pressure. For some people, they even need to turn on a small night light in order to feel safe
27 Jan 2015

Novelty Gift for Your Home: Creative Telephone

Even though smart phones occupy an important position in our daily life, telephones still act an indispensable part in our home. As a member of home appliance in a house, telephone is one of the most traditional
26 Jan 2015

Cool Fridge Door Decorating Ideas

I still remember when I was a child, I used to stick some interesting cartoon stickers or magnets on the fridge door, it was kind of fun as at the time, I always thought I was the