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31 Dec 2014

Stunning DIY Things Make New Year’s Party Fantastic

Holiday season makes us excited and busy. Since Christmas has gone a few days ago, New Year’s Eve is coming. A party in this special evening will be one of the most anticipated parties of the year,
31 Dec 2014

Special Vases for Planting

I think a lot of girls love flowers very much so do I. I would like to buy different kinds of flowers in different seasons to decorate my home and build up romantic atmosphere. In order to
30 Dec 2014

Decorations for Your Marriage Room

Maybe some of you have decided to get married with your lover. The wedding dress, place for wedding party, the list of guests have been settled but have you decorate your new house. For newly married couples,
30 Dec 2014

How to Create Simple and Timeless Photo Album

There is only one day left then will come 2015. What would you do in the New Year’s Eve? Countdown is becoming a tradition nowadays, except the exciting countdown thing I would like to share the photos
29 Dec 2014

Plants in the Crystal Balls

It is very common that many office workers who use computers for a long time may be shortsighted. Radiation is bad for our bodies as well as our eyes. We need to protect our eyes well from
29 Dec 2014

Glowing in the Dark Fun: Luminous Paint

To let special evenings be more fantastic, maybe you can try the luminous paint. Glow-in-the-dark paint is craft supply staple that both kids and adults love to play with. Phosphorescent paint also has practical uses, you can
27 Dec 2014

Tips for Getting a Good Sleep

There is no doubt that a good sleep at night makes a wonderful day. Sleeping is very important to all of us, no matter in mental or in health. However, more and more people nowadays are having
27 Dec 2014

Modern Home Style in 2015

Aesthetical standard is changing along with the fashion trend. No matter classical style or modern style, the topics of conversations about home decorations are remain untold. Home is the place that is the most secure and most
26 Dec 2014

To Decorate Bedroom in Romantic Style

For couples, romantic things are never old fashioned. To make each sweet everyday will bond the relationship closer. So I think that to make bedroom belongs to both of you is not a bad idea and moreover,