Monthly Archive:: November 2014

29 Nov 2014

Add a View in Bathroom

When it turns to bathroom, shower makes the most of the initiate purpose. When you want something that both can function for practical usage but also a decor, then get a bathroom wall shelves to fill the
28 Nov 2014

Kitchen Decorate Ideas

Kitchen acts an important part in house. To own a neat and beautiful kitchen is always what we crave. Especially to women, a nice and clean kitchen means a lot. Since you will think to keep kitchen
27 Nov 2014

Decorating Home with Throw Pillows

There are many different decorating ideas for home, if you crave change in this autumn and also do not want to waste too much money and time, for an instant makeover, throw pillows as one of the
26 Nov 2014

Smart Bathroom Gadget: Automatic Soap Dispenser

Keep our hands clean is necessary for the daily life. Think about all of the things that you touch today – from the telephone to the toilet. Maybe you blew your nose in a tissue and then
25 Nov 2014

How to Maintain Garden Artificial Grass

Many people nowadays like to have artificial grass in their garden. Even though real grass is more comfortable than fake grass, one of the great benefits of having an artificial lawn is that, the maintaining work is
24 Nov 2014

Amazing Lighting Control: Touch Wall Light Switch

There is no doubt that science is progressing all the time to change our life a more convenient and smart life system. Cell phone is such an example. From white and black screen to colorful screen, from
21 Nov 2014

Curtain Decorate Ideas

Almost everywhere in house needs curtains, bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Curtains are never out of date as they make the house warm and pleasant place. As curtains are a normal and necessary part of home decor,
20 Nov 2014

Iron on Trendy Patch

To buy special cloth is not that easy for you, both price and size you need to consider. Hence, we always get clothes in normal style maybe sometimes we will see people on the street wearing the
19 Nov 2014

Prevent Bathroom Mirror from Getting Fogging Up

As weather get colder and colder, we always have a situation like this: have the mirror fog up during a nice hot shower. It is very annoying; especially, winter makes the situation much worse. The ‘fog’ is