Monthly Archive:: October 2014

31 Oct 2014

New Style Plant: Mini DIY Pet Plant

DIY is very popular all over the world. Do you DIY today? Actually, the reason why so many people like DIY things is not only because they can make their things unique, but also, the DIY process
30 Oct 2014

Holiday Pleasure of the autumn

With daytime dying away earlier and earlier, we know that the autumn has gone a long way on the earth. When wind blows away the haze, it is a good time to plan a trip to get
30 Oct 2014

Bedroom Night Light

Imagination is the fantasy ability that only human has. We use our imagination to achieve our dream. Maybe sometimes, we feel infinitely small within the scheme of things, but the imagination still pushed us to develop our
29 Oct 2014

The Relationship of Arts and Home Decor

Presumably almost all people have heard about Vincent van Gogh and his Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers. Maybe you have ever known some stories of his lifetime and you are shocked by his autotomy incidents. Actually
28 Oct 2014

Communicate Your Feelings to Whom You Care Timely

It is no more normal to send out presents to your friends or relatives, especially in some grand festivals, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and Valentine’s Day. When meeting with important festivals, marketers would hold lots of
27 Oct 2014

Cultivate Special Clivia in Your Garden

Do you want to try something new in your garden to make your garden special and attractive? If your yard is full of green plants, maybe you can have a try to grow some outdoor flowers in
24 Oct 2014

Enjoy a Balanced Life

On a morning with warm sunshine glittering through the stitch closure of your curtains, you wake up. Without the tension of rushing into the gate of the bus, you make up your mind to go on sleeping.
24 Oct 2014

Elementary Talking about Love and Marriage

Maybe the topic of love is the most mysterious and beautiful focus in all ties. Someone thinks that there is no eternal love in the world. At the same time, innumerous people sing the praises of love.
24 Oct 2014

Indoor Ornamental Plant: Clivia Miniata

Even though some of us may not have a garden to grow plants, we still love nature, we still love green in our life. Owning to that, we would usually have ornamental plant in our houses. Ornamental