25 Apr 2018

Xiaomi Smart Vacuum Cleaners Promise Your Easy Life

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way from carpet sweepers to manual vacuum cleaners and finally smart vacuum cleaners. Smart vacuum cleaners enable the cleaning of your floors with the click of a button. The first robotic
24 Apr 2018

The Best Light Alarm Clocks in 2018

Good sleep at night is important for remaining healthy and boosting productivity, so it is important to go to sleep at night and wake up at the right time. Many people find it difficult to wake up
20 Apr 2018

All You Need to Know About Storm Glass

Stormglass is a weather-predicting instrument that’s been around for close to two centuries now. Its invention is still shrouded in mystery, just as glass itself, but they became so popular in the mid-1700s after Admiral Robert Fitzroy
19 Apr 2018

Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum cleaner VS Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

If you are a tech toy junkie, or you hate cleaning, or maybe you are not as mobile as you used to be, a robot vacuum cleaner could just be the perfect gadget for you. There are
18 Apr 2018

Review of the Blitz Wolf BW-SDB1 Smart Soundbar

It was in 1998 that Altec Lansing introduced the first soundbar, called the Voice of The Digital Theatre, the ADA106. Originally created to replace the poor sound of TVs and offer better sound quality, it has slowly
17 Apr 2018

Dibea C17 or Dibea F6, Which is Better?

Most people all around the globe understand that cleanliness is next to godliness and they’re probably right. Anyway, to why we’re here. The two products we are about to review are helping to positively change the vacuum
16 Apr 2018

Xiaomi water purifier Produces Safe and Pure Drinking Water

Water is essential for human life, however, the water which reaches most homes is not pure due to scale, pollution with microbes, organic matter, rusty and corroded pipes and heavy metals. As a result, the water delivered
13 Apr 2018

New Product From Xiaomi: The Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Recently, Xiaomi company which has done well in manufacturing smart robot vacuum cleaners has released another smart robot vacuum: Xiaomi XiaoWa Robot Vacuum cleaner which is an ideal fit for your home or office. It has an attractive design and
11 Apr 2018

Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer Help to Prepare Delicious Roast Meat

Technological advancements keep changing every day where numerous devices and machines are manufactured to promote easier and comfortable lifestyle. Most of these gadgets are efficient and are made with high-performance functionalities to fulfill our needs. Kitchen appliances
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